The Five I's

What is the meaning of "5i" in our company name?

The Five I's are the five pillars on which our company is built on. It's our foundation. We want it to be so entrenched in our mindset and culture that we decided to include them in our company name.
Pillar I - Integrity
Without integrity, you will never pass the test of time. We have a moral obligation to be honest, fair, and trustworthy with everyone we interact with... from vendors and suppliers, to employees and associates, and certainly with our customers. Integrity is our top priority.
Pillar II - Innovation
The world is constantly evolving. Just think of how your life has changed over the past ten years because of new technologies and ideas. We take it upon ourselves to challenge the "status quo" every day in what we do... to think "outside the box" if necessary in order to develop cutting-edge products that truly get results for our customers. We love brainstorming!
Pillar III - Impact
This is why we truly exist... to have a positive impact in our world. We want to help empower people to do great things. We want to create thousands of success stories as a result of people using our products. We want happy, loyal employees because they believe in what we're doing and love our company. Finally, we want to impact our communities by getting involved in projects that resonate with our mission.
Pillar IV - Inspire
We want to motivate people into action. Nothing helps the human spirit more than to be encouraged, energized, and supported. We're all in this together. Success breeds success! Surround yourself with like-minded, positive, successful people (like us) that support you and believe in you. We want to be a source of inspiration to those who want more out of life.
Pillar V - Improve
"In this world, you're either growing or you're dying."
~Lou Holtz

Here at The 5i Company, we take personal growth very seriously. True happiness isn't found in living a stagnant, halfhearted life... always wondering what could have been. Happiness comes as a result of stretching ourselves, constantly improving, and being in our natural state of growth. Customers and employees alike, we are committed to helping you improve each day. By doing so, we give you the best opportunity to realize the enormous potential that lives inside each of you.