At The 5i Company, we are redefining the culture of work...

Are you tired of Corporate America? Job commute? Unfulfilling work?

As a new and growing business, we are looking for outstanding, talented, self-motivated people.

We want to attract the best minds and then give them the freedom and resources to develop products and services that are revolutionary and difference makers. We encourage creativity, team synergy, and productivity.

Rather than being micro-managed, we give our team an objective and allow them to passionately take ownership of the project.

Working for The 5i Company is a win-win. You get to be part of a growing company that you will be proud to be part of, yet you will have the ultimate flexibility to work whenever and from wherever you want. All you will need is a computer, internet access, a phone, and the skillset required.
Here is what we offer:
- Opportunity to work from home (or wherever)
- Flexible work schedule
- Above average compensation
- Minimal stress - Fun/Relaxed environment
- Challenging/Rewarding work
- A real opportunity for growth and advancement as we grow
- Management/Ownership that cares
- Profit Sharing - Rewards, bonuses, incentives
- Family atmosphere
- Not micro-managed
- Respect and gratitude
- Winning/Positive attitude
- A company and purpose you can be proud to be associated with
Key attributes we look for are:
- Aptitude
- Dependability
- Integrity
- Good work ethic
- Results-oriented
- Efficient
- Self-motivated
- Positive attitude
- Fluent in English, both written and verbal
- Ability to work alone and part of a team
- Passionate about our vision
Your future is what you make of it...
For many, you're going to spend at least half of your waking hours working. Doesn't it make sense that your work should be one of the happiest, most rewarding, and most fun parts of your day? That's what you will find at The 5i Company. We're uniquely designed on purpose. Apply today!
Available Positions:
We will be posting new positions soon.
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