About Us

Our Mission
We are passionate about giving people the tools, inspiration and knowledge to become the best that they can be. To be healthier, happier and more productive. To be successful in all areas of their life.

Perhaps your desire is to excel in your chosen profession; to create a more fulfilling life; to become a better parent, husband, or wife; or you simply have worthwhile goals and aspirations that you want to achieve. Whatever it is, we can help you get there.
Our Philosophy and Culture
"The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment."
~Tony Robbins

As a new company, our culture is still being shaped. However, the philosophy so beautifully described in the above quote is part of our mantra as we feel it represents the proper mindset for success.

For our customers, we want to offer revolutionary, life-changing products... products that work. This means being committed to research and seeking innovative solutions to common, everyday problems.

For our staff, this means creating a work climate in which everyone can excel. We want to attract the brightest minds and then empower them to use their creativity to develop cutting-edge products that ambitious people want and need.

Whether you're a customer or an employee, whenever you interact with us, we want you to sense the difference. We want to project integrity, energy, commitment, a positive attitude, and gratitude.
Dale Swain
Our founder, Dale Swain, is an entrepreneurial advocate. Having experienced both massive success and catastrophic failures over his 25 years as a business owner, Dale knows what it takes to succeed and how to overcome personal setbacks and obstacles. The ultimate optimist, his positive attitude, passion, and confidence are contiguous. The 5i Company was created as a result of Dale's vision of building a world-class company that will lead the field in personal development and achievement. His wisdom, leadership skills, and compassion for others makes him uniquely qualified to make this vision a reality.
What others say about Dale:
The words that come to mind first when I think of Dale are leadership and integrity. Dale has the ability to cast a challenging, yet realistic vision that both inspires and motivates.

Dale demonstrates his integrity and leadership skills by being up front and honest with customers as well as associates. You just know that you can count on him. How refreshing to work with someone who doesn't make their decisions based on a quick sale or a fast buck.

Additionally, Dale is very industrious and stays the course long after others give up and go home.

Dennis Slone
Hamburg, IL


I have witnessed Dale in multiple business settings, entrepreneurial endeavors, and team-oriented projects. I have always been impressed with Dale in these scenarios. He has displayed the necessary elements of discipline and ambition to start, lead, and complete projects. This is critical because Dale is also given to excellence. He refuses to put forward half-hearted or less than impressive products. He is always willing to take the extra time to make sure things are done well.

Additionally, Dale possesses a high degree of creativity. Though he is willing and able to follow structure, Dale can also be innovative when given the opportunity. He is also an excellent teammate. His willingness to laugh, eagerness to learn, and genuine concern for people allow him to work extremely well with others. His work ethic, creativity, and cooperative team skills combine to make him a rare asset in my opinion.

I can honestly say that Dale is an incredibly loyal, thoughtful, and trustworthy friend. I have furthermore found his practical wisdom beneficial to my own life.

Dustin Rogers
Lincoln, NE


Dale's inspiration, demeanor, and motivation helped me create opportunities to make a better life for me and my family. It is what Dale taught me about myself and what I could do that was most important. I will be forever indebted for Dale's priceless coaching to make me a more productive person. He is a wonderful person that has helped so many.

James R. Sharp
Lafayette, IN


I had the privilege of meeting Dale Swain while working on a business project. He was our group leader and mentored me as I navigated the unsteady waters of sales and entrepreneurship. I found him to be a man of the highest integrity, and over the years, my admiration for this forward-thinking leader has consistently grown.

Very few people we meet and work with over a number of years leave us with an unwavering impression of being amongst the highest caliber of human beings we'll ever know. Dale Swain is one of those people.

Lisa Lockworth
Greensboro, NC


When I think of Dale, the following descriptors immediately come to mind: unpretentious, down to earth, utmost integrity, very approachable, highly respected, respectful, courteous, visionary, and unshakable positive attitude.

What impresses me most about Dale is his unassuming leadership behavior. He has the rare ability to honestly "self-reflect" and then come up with a game plan for change. I've experienced for myself and quietly observed Dale guide others towards personal growth changes that lead to improved performance. Dale has an inspired way of challenging others so that they want to give their best. He leads by example, which motivates people to achieve more and creates a contagious culture of driven team players.

Virginia Getchel
Sacramento, CA


Dale's business acumen is second to none, and I have personally been on the receiving end of his consultation and coaching. Dale has launched, built, and duplicated a number of successful businesses in his career, and has taught and coached others to the same levels of success. Dale leads by example, and would never ask anyone to do anything he himself has not already done. His attitude is one of, it's not "you do it," or "I'll do it"... it's "WE'LL do it together!" This is his motto, and he implements it to perfection.

The lessons I have learned from Dale on how you treat and lead people, how one manages teams and projects, and how one defines action/result-oriented leadership have been pillars of both my personal and professional success.

Dale possesses extremely strong levels of technical aptitude and intelligence, while at the same time, one of the most humble and selfless people I know. He gives and subsequently attains respect, because he treats people with dignity, and looks for the best in those with whom he surrounds himself. Because of that, people around Dale rise to the occasion. I truly feel this is a critical factor in Dale's influence, and in his ability to get the best out of himself, his peers, and the teams he manages.

Finally, Dale is just an exceptional and fun individual to be around. He has a great sense of humor, and realizes relationships are at the heart of a high quality of life. He serves with excellence and performs at a very high level. I regularly ask myself, "What would Dale do in this situation?" Results are always positive!

Patrick Lawler
St. Louis, MO


Dale has a gift of vision and enthusiasm for what is possible to achieve in business. He does his research and creates a plan or blueprint for achievement. I have been an avid fan of every opportunity Dale has presented.

Dale is a top-caliber performer, but he is also about helping others to succeed at a high level as well. He has a way of always bringing out the best in you. He has excellent communication skills and is a dynamic leader. Whenever Dale takes on a project, it becomes an exciting task for everyone involved. Dale has always had a keen understanding of technology and its effective use. Dale's best quality is his ability to bring a group together for a common goal and achieving above ordinary results.

Christine Menear
Chapel Hill, NC